Naughty in Nar’thalas

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Naughty in Nar’thalas

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Naughty in Nar’thalas

Nukhara hurriedly walked through the halls of the academy. He was already certain of the reason for his summons, but struggled to think of how to talk his way out of the situation he was about to enter.

He nervously approached the door to Ms. Azuremoon’s office. Before he could knock, the door opened itself and an unexpectedly sultry voice caught him off-guard. “Come in, Mr. Swiftfire.”

“Yes, Headmistress” The uneasy apprentice awkwardly shuffled through the door, which closed behind him as mysteriously as it had opened. He immediately noticed the voluptuous disciplinarian was not wearing her usual teaching robe, but rather one noticeably lower cut and tighter fitting.

Reading a conjured copy of a transcript on her desk, the Headmistress began to speak. “Nukhara Swiftfire, your record is impressive.” Nukhara started to relax; perhaps this meeting was nothing to worry about. She continued, “I can see you have received especially high marks in your Arcane Rune lessons.”

In a moment of pride, Nukhara spoke without thinking, “Indeed Ms. Azuremoon, I do find tracing curves rather natural.” His attention subconsciously wandered beneath her neckline before he noticed the Headmistress was now looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“However…” Nukhara gulped as the Headmistress spoke again, “there seems to be an issue in your spell-casting class.” He gulped again as the source of his worry was confirmed. “I’ve received several complaints, coincidentally all from female students. It seems your spells find your co-eds more often than your targets. Furthermore, your lack of aim has caused some rather compromising wardrobe malfunctions.”

“Ahem… well… you see…” the young elf struggled to come up with an excuse, “it’s my wand! My wand has an issue with misfiring!” His stance shifted uncomfortably as he detected the hint of a suspicious smirk form at the corner of the Headmistress’s lips.

“Your wand caused nineteen ‘misfires’ in the last three days? That must be quite the potent weapon you’re wielding,” her legs subtly uncrossed as she leaned forward, “allow me to inspect it.”

Nukhara blushed as he untucked the wand from his robes and rested it on the desk. The headmistress picked it up delicately, handling it with expert touch. “Mmmm I see… this is indeed an impressive tool.” She licked her lips, “I can feel the tremendous amount of energy ready to overflow at any moment.”

His purple skin turned three shades redder as the Headmistress eyed him head to toe and spoke seductively. “If I am to allow you to keep wielding such a forceful wand, then you must prove to me, personally, that you know how to use it. We will begin your supplementary lessons immediately.”

Nukhara heard the door lock behind him…

<The remaining pages seem to have been disintegrated by excess arcane energies.>

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