The Forge of Passion

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The Forge of Passion

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The Forge of Passion

The night was cold, but the forge in which the elven blacksmith worked was ablaze with the heat of the workings inside. The human paladin, Marcus, hops off his trusted steed and proceeds inside, gazing at the woman within, “Yes, hello my good smith, I am seeking--…”

He pauses, caught off guard by the woman’s beauty. The stunning golden locks reach down to her shoulders, having a slightly wild tame about them. Her eyes, while concealed by goggles for the moment, had a faint emerald glow, with one being dimmer than the other. The reason for this being the scar that ran from just above her brow down to the middle of her cheek. The elf’s figure was slim, but held build from the countless hours spent working in the forge. Her clothing was simple, a green top with faded blue pants and brown shoes. The woman gazes to Marcus, raising her goggles to get a better look at the gruff paladin, and raises a single brow, “Are ya here to request somethin’ or come to gawk at what you can’t have?”

The tone was confident and full of attitude, playing a smirk to her expression as she watched the human stumble with his words, “I, uhm--…yes, I’ve come seeking repairs for my blade.”

He pulls out the long, yet slightly curved blade, holding it out for the smith to inspect. The smith is careful, gently holding the blade, which gave off a warm glow, “Hm…I’ve seen better blades…*trust me*…”

She smirks wickedly at him, which causes the human to redden, and the glow on the sword becomes brighter, as if in self-defense, “Well, I’m sure you have…but you haven’t seen a weapon like mine before.”

It’s the smith’s turn to get a bewildered stare, but it fades back to a confident smirk a few moments later, “Oh really? What makes your weapon so special, if I may inquire?”

It’s Marcus’ turn to smirk, approaching the smith, placing a hand around the small of her back, “I would be more than glad to show you my smithing skills, if you would like another’s perspective…?”

The smith smirks, placing a strong grip on the paladin’s arm, leading Marcus away from the forge so that they could…

*The remaining pages have been singed beyond reading from the embers of a nearby forge.*

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