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Working Overtime

Post#1 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:11 pm

Working Overtime

"This machine won't work!", Nezzi called out, tossing her wrench aside. It had been several hours since the Gnome had set about fixing the flying machine.

"Not with that attitude", Talin called back. The human moved up behind Nezzi, a wrench in hand, "It takes a gentle touch sometimes".

The man moved his hands about the machine delicately, caressing each nut and bolt with a fire of fires in his eyes.

Nezzi looked on awe at the man's movements, each turn of the wrench making her heart stop, skip. It was marvelous, wonderous. The cranking, the creaking. Twisting and turning was the name of the game, and Talin intended to win.

Then came oil, ample amounts of oil spread about the project. Precise application was necessary, and Talin had calculated well. Nezzi lost herself in the rythmeic motions of the man. When he was finished, the boom of the engine resonated throughout the workshop. Nezzi could hardly hold back her own voice in serene satisfaction. A job well done.

"You're pretty good with your hands", she said, eyes glistening.
Talin grinned,
"Like I said, sometimes it's a gentle touch, sometimes.. you need to get rough"

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