The Dread Pirate's Plunder

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The Dread Pirate's Plunder

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The Dread Pirate's Plunder

It had been a long night of plunder and booty for all, and the Dread Captain D’Landre made her way from the main deck to her quarters. Kicking off her boots she strolled across the lush accommodations to drop into a seat at her desk.

Just as she was about to relax with a fine brandy, the door to her chambers was thrown open forcefully and the large frame of a male Kaldorei stormed into the room. “D’Landre, your antics have troubled us for too long. Too much have you taken from us in tribute and I am here to reclaim the gold of all those you have wronged.”

"The first mistake my dear elf, was thinking that you could out fox a pirate at her own game." Wynn grinned across the way, her captain's hat tilted at a jaunty angle where it was perched upon her head, fingers twirling a gold coin in hand as she eyed the man across from her. Her one good eye swept over the impressive girth of his massive form with slight mischievous gleam, even as her taunt echoed in the air between them

Her steps lightly carried her around the desk of the captain's chambers as she watched the kaldorei's movements, the sway of his form as he moved to claim the might of his weapon in one hand. This was her spoils and she very well intended full well to claim her prize.

As the small woman stalked towards the large warrior he tightened his grip upon his mighty sword, eager to engage the woman in contest. Her small size might have deceived most, but he knew she was wily and that her large chest.. of gold was something he was most interested to lay his hands upon.

Darting forward suddenly to catch the large man off guard, she suddenly moved to grasp his sword by the hilt appreciating the weight and size of it in her hand as she used this to hold him back for the moment in their contest of skills. Yet he did not complain, one hand coming up to seize hold of all the gold he wished to plunder as the two of them locked together, eyes flashing across the way.

Mastering the weapon completely she soon took control over his own, her grip shifting around it's length until he surrendered it to her whim. "Finish it" He whispered to her, knowing that this fate was now entirely hers to control, only to have her reply "Don't worry, one of us will be walking the plank soon enough tonight."

This story would continue on for several chapters, each one heavily laden with more references to 'sword' fighting and eye-rolling placement of the word 'booty' found in several places.

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