A Timely Embrace

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A Timely Embrace

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A Timely Embrace

Strange unholy clouds, darkened the sky of Azeroth as four huddled bodies stood on the cliffs of Uldum. Each held a face full of fear, shock and regret as they watched a corrupt Titan take form in the heavens above. Two wisely, fled, their womanly forms leaping over the edge, back toward their camp, sliding down the sandy hill to what they hoped was safety. But two of the explorers remained. Over the din, the roar of the atmosphere being broken, the rush of sand, and force of distant flames. Even over the crash of the earth being split, the two who had fled, could hear confessions of love, from the two who had stayed behind.

It took three minutes, for the two below in the camp, to dig themselves out of the sand. And like any good friends, their first concern were the two who had stayed behind. A worgen, known as Ralph, and a Troll known as Veldee Shortusk. "We always joked that their arguing, was really just sexual tension!" Listy said. The quel'dorei woman speaking lowly, as she pried her human friend from the sand. Both the beauties sweating, in the desert heat, heaving breasts rising and falling from the panic of a near death experience. "We've got to make sure they are okay!" Sarah responded, the human girl, already stomping up the hill in her delightfully short shorts, and heavy boots, dark hair blowing behind her head.

As the pair reached the top of the hill, they could hear voices. When Listy went to speak, parting her pink little lips. She found a gentle finger pressed to her mouth to hush her.Grunting and soft panting, could be heard above. Suggestive, strained sounds of effort. Then the two they had left behind, could be heard speaking even over the creaking of the giant weapon looming in the next desert over.

"Oh by tha spirits its huge! In all my wildest dreams I never expected it ta see somethin' dat big! So thick and red, how do ya expect anyone ta use it? An'whats with the way it looks funny at the bottom?!" Came a troll voice. A frustrated growl, and the sound of shifting sand, came from above.

The two eavesdropping explorers, tried to stifle their snickering. Had their friends, upon surviving, really just started to go at it?

"Yeah, well why does it have to be so sandy down here? It's so dry and horrid, no wonder no one has been down here in years!" A grunting, wolfish voice retorted back. The two girls listening below, froze. Looks of confusion on their faced. "And all the dead bugs! They are huge!" He added, the perplexed faces of the listeners, turning to revulsion. "Shut up about the bugs, ya fool dog, and focus, push a little harder! And nng !there!" A sound of strain, and then two long sighs of relief. Listy's face was flush red, as Sarah was trying not to die from laughter, when two heads poked over the ledge. A troll and a worgen, both with features flushed from heat.

"Were you two just standing there listening to us!?" Ralph demanded, rising over the ledge, fully dressed, covered in sand like he had been stuck. "We were trapped in a sand bank!" He said with a scowl, knocking sand off his clothes.

"Yeah, it fell on us right after we finished bangin, two minutes ago." The troll woman added glumly. Ralph's face falling to a frown, before he began to stomp back off to camp.

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