To Spread One's Seed

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To Spread One's Seed

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To Spread One’s Seed

Uraho Thickwood studied his bush intently. It was a bit of a tangled mess, he thought to himself - gnarly and unkempt, though those who appreciated such things might find a certain beauty in it. The old bull looked over the untrimmed hedges a moment longer, before he was suddenly startled out of his thoughts by a high pitched interjection.

“Master Thickwood!”

The Tauren glances around, not seeing anyone.

“Down here,” the voice squeaks again, causing Uraho to look between his legs. “Zixx Purespark, here to serve!” The pink haired gnome waves brightly.

“Ah,” Thickwood grins a little. “I wasn’t told my herbalism student would be a gnome. I didn’t realize your kind had an interest in the Druidic teachings.”

“Most don’t,” Zixx admits shyly. “My tastes are very...singular.”

Thickwood grunts. “Enlighten me, then.”

“Actually, I was hoping you might have a few tricks to show me,” Purespark replies hopefully. “I’m very eager to see everything you have to show me.”

“Very well,” Thickwood replies. “Let’s start with this one...would you like to touch it?”

“Would I!” Purespark squeaks excitedly, stretching her hand out and placing her hand on the hard, thick surface. “What kind of wood is this?” She asks uncertainly.

“A very special kind,” the Tauren assures her. “Don’t be shy, feel free to explore it.”

“It’s so...big,” the gnome gasps.

“It’s my understanding there aren’t many trees in Gnomeregan,” Thickwood remarks. “Is this your first?”

Purespark blushes. “I...yes, it is,” she replies. “But I’ve read a lot about them.”

“And does mine live up to your expectations?” The Tauren asks.

“Its rougher than I thought it would be,” the gnome admits as she strokes the surface. “But...I think I’d like to see more.”

“That could be arranged,” Thickwood assures her. “Perhaps you’d like one for yourself?”

“Oh!” Purespark gasps. “I...I don’t think it would fit…” she admits. “My space is so small as it is, I couldn’t possibly make room for something like this.”

“You’d the surprised, the tight spaces some of these can fit into,” Thickwood replies. “They come in all sizes.”

“They do?” Purespark replies uncertainly.

“Mmm,” The Tauren nods. “Shapes, too. Thick trees, thin trees, tall trees, small trees. Some have thick foliage...others are quite smooth.”

“This one feels…” Purespark reaches around. “AHHHHH!” She lets out a high pitched scream and draws her hand back suddenly. “It’s sticky!!!!”

“Ah,” Thickwood nods. “Yes, that can happen from time to time. It’s sap...and it’s perfectly natural. In fact, this is a Lordaeron maple. It’s secretions are...quite prized.”

“Prized?” Purespark blinks. “Why?”

“Taste it,” The Tauren suggests.

“You want me to put my mouth?” Purespark replies uncertainly.

“I was hesitant at first too,” Thickwood admits. “But I must confess, I’ve developed quite the taste for it.”

The gnome raises a soaked finger to her lips, her eyes rolling back as a sudden moan escapes her. “It’s good!” She admits, with another blush.

“I thought you might enjoy that,” The Tauren smiles. “Would you like to see my garden?” He asks. “Its a bit further down, but the flowers are...quite lovely.”

The gnome nods, wandering through the garden with the larger male. Glancing up discretely to make sure he isn’t looking, she reaches a small hand down to touch the rose petals, finding them glistening with dew.

“What happens next?” She asks curiously.

“Next?” Thickwood smiles. “Next, we spread my seed.”


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