A Lust For Wisdom

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A Lust For Wisdom

Post#1 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:25 pm

A Lust For Wisdom

There she was, that voluptuous Blood Elf. She stood in the doorway of the tanned skin hut. Her golden hair resting gently upon her breast. As she moved deeper into the tanned hut towards the hulking figure sitting at the back he expression turned into a smile.

“My what a great banquet you set for me Khoruun” the blood elf smiled.
“Anything for my fair lady” Khoruun replied.

The blood elf moved into the center of the tent and sat besides the hulking figure who turned out to be a tauren. She lay herself beside him grasping the bottle of arcwine with her right hand and pouring herself a small amount of its content and pouring some more for Khoruun. Khoruun the hulking tauren reached over and gently grasped the glass of arcwine.

“Wisdom, your grace is luminescent. Your beauty stunning” Khoruun spoke with such sincerity.
“And you Khoruun.” Wisdom replied “have the might that cannot be matched, courage that never falters, and a fur suit to match.” Wisdom finished with a chuckle.

“It is not a fur suit.” Khoruun groaned.

Wisdom chuckled as she wrapped her hands around a great sausage that she had picked up from the Darkmoon Faire earlier that day. Khoruun stood up and moved to the window where he gazed at the night sky.

“Wisdom, I must say, although you are not of my kind I have never met any other who could fill me with such joy, almost as if you are filling my very being with pure raw mana.” Khoruun spoke as he smiled at the night moon.

Wisdom smiled and moved toward the lumbering giant.
“And you Khoruun fill me with such overwhelming glee. It is almost as if my very essence is touched by your nature prowess.”

Khoruun smiled and turned to wisdom gazing into her evergreen eyes.

“You fill me up with such mana and allow me to share with others my nature. Promise me that you will never leave me for another, promise that you will only fill me with the joyous feeling of mana and not others” Khoruun passionately exclaimed as he grasped Wisdom.

Wisdom looked shocked at what had just occurred but brushed it off and smiled once more. Wisdom grasped the worried taurens arm gently.

“From this day on and forevermore” She spoke softly “I am yours.”


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